Kilimanjaro how to Reach the top the right way

Buying the best, wearing the latest, eating the tastiest, Riding the fastest and much more other superlatives have always attracted humans. But when it comes to climbing the tallest and the mightiest not only the physical but the mental strength is put to test.

Conquering anything, be it place, thing, person, space have always intrigued and motivated humans but when it comes to conquering your fears and reestablishing the faith in yourself, one of the best way is to CLIMB A MOUNTAIN. But how to reach the top of Kilimanjaro the right way??

Here is how it all began for me: To my utter surprise our organization decided to send a team to climb Kilimanjaro. The motive was a team building exercise. After several back and forth we zeroed on a date in March-19 almost 10 months late than our first planned date. Well we used it to groom and train our self. How did we train? Walk for 4-5 hours at a stretch. Complete 10 Km’s within an hour. Climb 100 floors, to take a notch up climb 100 floors with 5 kg sand bags on each of your leg. For me massive personal training went into the preparation just to ensure “no matter what, I have to reach the top”. (with or without Diamox)


Journey to Kilimanjaro began: Our team of 14 left from their respective locations to gather in Moshi, Tanzania on 1st or 2nd of March. Few of them who landed in the morning after the sunrise had the privilege of viewing the top crater of the mountain. I missed it as I landed early morning 2 AM on 1st March 2019. 3 members from South America were to join us. One of them, Rodrigo Jordan being a professor in one of the World’s reputed university and who conducts team building activities across the globe on invitation from several organizations. Another person Ernesto, the strongest person I have ever seen. I witnessed him running at 19,000 feet (people who have been at this height will skip a heart beat) without gasping for air even for a moment.

We all gathered in front of our hotel on 2nd March, had our equipment/clothing checked and verified from the experts including a local team who would climb with us (Porters and Guides). Rented the missing things and were ready for the journey of our life time.

We were to take the Machame Route with 7 days in total 5 to ascend and 2 to descend.

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